Kenwood launched its first analogue professional two-way radio products to the world market in 1978 and have won a reputation for delivering innovative, durable and reliable solutions which have been employed across the widest variety of applications from emergency services to commerce and industry in over 160 countries. In 2008 Kenwood launched its first Commercial Digital two way radio which operates on its award winning NXDN protocol, Nexedge, which was jointly developed by JVC Kenwood Corporation and Icom Inc. There are over 700, 000 NXDN radios in circulation worldwide today. Kenwood has taken a protocol neutral stance and offers NXDN, dPMR and DMR compliant radios unlike many other suppliers who force you into their own protocol.

Portable radios:

Analogue Radios:

Kenwood PKT-03
Kenwood TK-2000/TK-3000
Kenwood TK-2406/TK-3406
Kenwood TK-2317/TK-3317
Kenwood TK-2360/TK3360

Digital Radios:

Kenwood NX-240/NX-340 (NXDN-Nexedge)
Kenwood NX-220/NX-320 (NXDN-Nexedge or dPMR)
Kenwood NX-200/NX-300 (NXDN-Nexedge)
Kenwood NX-5200/NX-5300 (NXDN-Nexedge)
Kenwood TK-D200GE/TK-D300GE (DMR)

Mobile radios:

Analogue radios:

Kenwood TK-7302/TK-8302
Kenwood TK-7360/TK8360

Digital Radios:

Kenwood NX-740/NX-840 (NXDN-Nexedge)
Kenwood NX-720/NX-820 (NXDN-Nexedge or dPMR)
Kenwood NX-700/NX-800 (NXDN-Nexedge)
Kenwood NX-5700/NX-5800 (NXDN-Nexedge)



Kenwood TKR-750/TKR-850

Digital Repeaters:

Kenwood NXR-700/NXR-800 (NXDN-Nexedge)
Kenwood TKR-D710/TKR-D810 (DMR)
Kenwood NXR-710/NXR-810 (NXDN-Nexedge)